Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper, GE, Frigidaire, Estate, Amana, Crosley, Admiral,  Roper, Kenmore, HE and other front load dryer common problems.
Service calls will be at your home and around your schedule; daytime, night, and weekends at the same affordable rate to repair your dryer. All dryers will be cleaned free of lint, new parts replaced, roller wheels lubed, vent pipe, and exhaust tube checked for good air flow. If the dryer is taking 2 or more cycles to dry, then the dryer vent tubing needs to be cleaned. Click on Dryer Vent Cleaning Services link above for more information about vent cleaning or repair. A clogged vent tube, dirty dryer can cause long dry times, and catch the dryer on fire. If you think that might be the problem have your dryer serviced before the dryer stops heating. A full load of clothes should take no more than a hour to dry. Most repairs can be same day service depending on parts needed. Repair cost can range from $60.00 to $100.00 for most of the common problems listed below (except timers, motors, control boards). Front load dryers and HE dryer will cost more due to a higher cost on parts.  Call us at 919-264-8896 to set up a service call to have your dryer repaired, dryer vent cleaned for proper drying times.
Common Dryer Problems Standard Front Loader and HE Front Load Dryers.

Dryer not heating or not enough heat.
Dryer takes a long time to dry.
Dryer will not come on when you push the start button.
Dryer makes a loud noise when spinning.
Timer will not move or dryer will not shut off.
Dryer runs for 25 minutes shut off cools down works again.
Humming noise when you push the start button.
Hold start button dryer works, release dryer stops.
Buzzard will not stop until you open door.
Close door dryer starts without pushing the start button.
Dryer squeals when turning or running.
Dryer leaves rust stains on clothes.
Buttons missing after drying clothes.
Burning smell when dryer is in use.
Drum coming through cabinet.
Heating element damage.
Motor over heating or not turning drum.
vibration noise when running.
Code Error

Dryers clogged with lint will cause several of the common problems such as long drying times, over heating, and part failure. Cleaning the lint screen after every load will decrease lint build up. Having your dryer cleaned or serviced regularly will stop the lint build up as well.

We are no longer repairing or LG dryers.
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