Dryer Cleaned Free of Lint---Dryer Vent Exhaust Tube Cleaned---

Replace or repair Dryer Vent Exhaust Tubing.

Kenmore, Roper, Whirlpool, Maytag,GE, Bravo, Whirlpool Duet, Estate Dryers and Others!!

A clogged dryer vent is caused by the build-up of lint in the dryer ventilation system. A restricted dryer vent reduces air flow and causes your dryer to run hotter and longer, substantially impacting energy efficiency. To slow down this process clean the lint screens after every load, or before you use the dryer. The lint screen does not catch all the lint, have your dryer and exhaust tubing cleaned yearly.

What is dryer lint?

Lint is small pieces of fabric fibers that will shed off you garments during washing and drying the cloths. Cotton, wool materials produce more lint, you will see results on the lint screen.

Will birds make nests in dryer vent exhaust tube?  Yes they will!!

The tubing could be free of lint, and the dryer will not dry properly. Birds love to make nest in the vent tubing because it is the  perfect place to keep them nice and warm. To keep out birds and other animals out make sure the tubing has a dryer vent cover.

Crushed transition tube, dryer to close to the wall, sagging flex pipe, dirty dryer, no vent cover, birds nest - Mike D's will fix any or all these problems.

Mike D's not only will clean your dryer, we will can clean the exhaust tubing as well. How do you know if you need this this service? If your dryer is taking more than one cycle to dry the clothes, your dryer or vent tube needs to be checked for proper air flow. Mike D's will vacuum out the dryer, clean out the the tubing, and check or replace the connecting tubing.

If your dryer is producing heat, and the dryer needs more than one cycle to dry clothes. Call, text, or email before the dryer stop heating completely.

Few more common problems:
Moisture around the door and the clothes smell funky.
Lint still on the clothes and clothes are hot to touch.

Old plastic tubing was repaired serveral times and was full of lint. When the old tubing was removed, came apart everytime I touched it what a mess. New steel vent tube replaced, and the dryer works like new. Have your dryer/tubing cleaned every year for proper air flow.
Check out the pitures below.
Here we have some pictures that I took, after cleaning out the vent tube. The dryer was taking 2 cycles to dry the clothes and the top of the dryer was to hot to touch. Vacuumed the dryer out, cleaned the vent tube, dryer works like new again. Call Mike D's for this affordable service and we will have your dryer working like new again. 
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