Thank you for visiting my web page! You can browse the links above, or call for a FREE estimate over the phone. The model of the washer or dryer always helps for a free estimate. For example a GE washer not spinning will cost more to repair than a Whirlpool washer not spinning. Mike D's will repair all top load washers (some HE models) and Front Load dryers. Most of the common problems can be repaired for less than $100.00 (excluding Front Loaders). Front Load washers will cost more to service due to cost of electronic boards and time to diagnose the error.  Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper, Crosley, Maytag, GE, Estate, Amana, Admiral, and others we will repair at your home and around your schedule. 90 percent of the older machines are worth repairing, and still have life left in them. Older washers clean clothes better than new ones without the agitator. Phone call is free and I will tell you if the washer or dryer is worth repairing. Parts on hand, and same day service on most repairs.

Washer over 10+ years or older not spinning, grinding noise, tub full of water, leaking water cost to
repair less than $100.00.

Non digital dryers 10+ years or older not heating, will not come on, making a scraping noise
repair cost less than $100.00.

Dryer taking a long time to dry? Dryer vent tub saging in the crawl space?
Burning smell? Very little lint on screen?
Click on the link: Dryer Vent Cleaning Services for more info.

Service call fee for all models $25.00.


If your washer or dryer repaired the same day.

Limited time: call or Text for this service.

Cash, Visa/Master Cards,  Check,

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Dryer vent tube was about 20 feet long, and full of lint. Drying times were more than two hours for small load of cloths. Have your dryer and vent tube cleaned for proper air flow.
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We are no longer repairing LG  washer or dryers!!
We are now repairing Samsung Washer and Dryers!!
Front loader picture Older Washer Pictures Samsung Repair
Whirlpool Dryer Falt Code f01 Dryer Cabrio Bravos Washers
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